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Why Is A Damage Assessment Necessary?

As soon as our SERVPRO of Longmont crew arrives at the scene of your loss, we begin by carefully inspecting your entire property and creating a detailed damage ... READ MORE

Heavy Snow and Freezing Temperatures Caused Water to Leak Through the Roof

The recent snow and freezing temperatures in Longmont caused a major water leak to occur through the roof. Once the water had entered the attic, it began to poo... READ MORE

Pipe Burst In Kitchen Due to Freezing Temperatures

Due to the colder weather here in Longmont, a pipe in this home froze and caused a water damage event in the kitchen. Luckily, the damage was primarily in that ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration in Longmont, CO

This Longmont, CO business suffered a flood, allowing water to fester in various places and causing a mold problem in several places. Because every water-relate... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation in Longmont, CO

This Longmont, CO office space developed a mold problem after a pipe busted in the ceiling, damaging the ceiling and floors and much of the walls as well. Our h... READ MORE

Storm Causes Mold Growth in Longmont, CO

This Longmont, CO home suffered a flood that initiated mold growth in the kitchen area. Many storms can initiate ongoing effects that can be difficult to remedi... READ MORE

SERVPRO Gets to the Root Problem

This Longmont, CO home began to have a mold problem after a small flood wasn't fully remediated. As the unaddressed water damage festered, mold began to take ho... READ MORE

Containing the Damage After a Storm

Severe storms often come with many unique challenges and restoration needs. In many cases, water damage can develop after roof damage from high winds, leading t... READ MORE

Garage Flood in Longmont, CO

When a flood moved through the area, this Longmont, CO garage took the brunt of the damage to this family's home. Thankfully, the damage was limited to the floo... READ MORE

Roof Restored After Fire Damage in Longmont, CO

This Longmont, CO suffered a fire that left smoke damage throughout the structure, particularly under the roof. Smoke damage can cause a number of problems, inc... READ MORE